Jenny is a really great instructor. She is warm, inviting, and her birth classes helped us immensely get through the child birth process. We used so many of the techniques we learned from her and so many of our fears and questions were answered in class, not in labor! If you are looking for a Bradley childbirth class to take, look no further. Thank you Jenny for all your guidance and support.

--Jenée and Rob O.

My husband and I took Jenny's Bradley Method Childbirth Class in the fall of 2014 in preparation for our daughter's birth. It was a wonderful class that gave me and my husband confidence and many tools to have a natural child birth. We couldn't have had such a successful birth without the help and support of Jenny and her class. If you are thinking of having a natural child birth I highly recommend Jenny's class for wonderful learning experience of how a drug free, intimate, natural birth is possible!

--Lorri P.


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Jenny provides exceptional childbirth education and prenatal fitness in Chester County Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia metro area including Media, Landenberg, Kennett Square, New Garden Pennsylvania and Newark, and Hockessin Delaware.

Jenny was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and has lived in Philadelphia PA area and spent a lot of time in Chester County including Landenberg, Kennett Square, and New Garden Pennsylvania as well as Newark and Hockessin Delaware.
most of her life.


Hello!   I'm Jenny Wood - Mama of two wild boys, Yogi, Nature Lover, Dancer, Artist, and Maker. 

I am a Yoga teacher RYT200, Prenatal Yoga certified PRYT,  Belly Dance Instructor, Certified Instructor for the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth and a Certified Instructor for Dancing For Birth™.

Jenny Wood is an amazing Bradley childbirth instructor. Period. Since day 1 we knew being organic and natural through our delivery was our only decision, now to find the best education in having one was a challenge. After being introduced to the Bradley method from another mom I had no hesitation but to begin my hunt in finding the perfect Bradley instructor for my family. From our first email and throughout Jenny's words of wisdom and experience were very helpful. Jenny took each of her clients into her heart. She established relationships with each of us that it made it easy to share our pregnancies, questions, and concerns. She attended to each of us individually, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  I thank Jenny so much for  teaching me to embrace the strong woman I am. Because of this I know it helped me stay strong through my laboring . She also allowed me to believe and let go in preparation for my delivery. You will enjoy the welcoming, humble, loving, and  honest person Jenny is. Thank you Jenny for all your love and support.

--Layton, Renee, and Luna L.

Jenny is an amazing Bradley instructor! My husband and I absolutely enjoyed her childbirth classes and found her teaching style to be fun and effective. She is very warm, sincere and approachable and she always made every class not just informative, but also empowering! We were equipped with the right knowledge to make educated decisions about our birthing plan and birthing experience. We highly recommend enrolling in her birth class!"

--Emily C.

Jenny's childbirth class was so educational, fun and ultimately allowed us to achieve our ideal labor and birth. My husband felt completely prepared to help me through the experience, and we knew what to do in order to increase our chances of a natural birth. The many hours spent in class flew by thanks to Jenny's wonderful sense of humor and caring nature. I am so grateful for the preparation the birthing class gave us.

--Jill S.

My husband and I met Jenny Wood after enrolling in the Bradley Method childbirth classes. Jenny created a well balanced and beautiful environment throughout the course. We sincerely appreciated the sense of community she cultivated within the group and encouragement provided to us in preparation for the happiest day of our lives. Jenny went above and beyond to meet with us to accommodate our travel plans and insure that we received all of the information covered during our absence. Jenny's lovely energy and sincere passion for motherhood is refreshing and radiant.

--Kierra F.

We loved our Bradley childbirth class with Jenny! I was pretty nervous about the impending birth of our baby when we signed up. Watching YouTube videos of live births made me want to cry and or vomit so I was not excited when Jenny told us at the first class that we would be watching a lot of videos of real births. But by the end of the class series I felt like a pro. I was knowledgeable and prepared for the birth and the videos no longer had the visceral effect they had before.  Jenny is warm and funny, she is a great mix of the knowledgable earth momma friend that I would go to with all of my mommy questions AND a hip stylish friend I'd go shopping with and talk business and pop culture. We loved her stories about births, babies and life. She made the classes fun while arming us with the knowledge to truly own our births. I had a difficult labour and we had to make a few tough decisions that deviated from our birth plan but because of our Bradley class with Jenny my husband and I both felt like we were able to make informed decisions that were best for us and our baby Connor. I am so happy with and proud of our birth experience and deeply grateful for Jenny and our Bradley childbirth class!

--Dorothy M.

Jenny was an AMAZING help in preparing us for our daughter’s birth. While we had planned to deliver at a birth center and then needed to have a non-emergency transfer to the hospital, it was absolutely imperative to have the Bradley Method knowledge that she shared. Her Bradley Childbirth course was comforting and highly educational, and we felt well versed on all the stages of labor, relaxation techniques, husband coaching, birth plan preparation, and what to expect through the whole experience. Thanks Jenny!


To be honest Paul (my husband) was hesitant to take the class but after the first one he was already hooked.  We cannot express how much we benefited from the knowledge and tips you taught us!  'Baby class' was something we looked forward to each week and something we missed when it was over. Your personality is the perfect fit for this class and you always made us feel informed and at ease.  Our delivery was natural, easy, and amazing.  A more perfect delivery cannot be obtained!

We have also gained new friends from the childbirth classes.  We had one of the couples from class over just last night and it was great seeing our babies play knowing they were together each week when they were in the womb.

You have such a gift and we cannot speak more highly of you!!!

--Ashley and Paul S